About Clean My Name Online

As demonstrated by EU legislation in recent years, there are a growing number of people around the world who feel their reputations are being unfairly damaged by outdated search results on Google and other search engines.

The introduction of Right to be Forgotten is the tip of the iceberg and there are now numerous ways an individual can pursue to clean their name online and take control of their future.

Does this sound like a familiar tale?  Do you fear what will appear when you type in your name and click that ‘Search’ button?

Perhaps you have a business whose reputation is continually damaged by one malicious review?  Or, maybe you’re an individual who made one error in a previous job and now a search for your name brings it front and centre to any recruiter?

There are countless scenarios where brands and names are unfairly and irrevocably damaged by Google results despite significant changes in circumstances.

Clean My Name Online was created with the aim of assisting such people move on with their lives and pro-actively taking control of their search results.

Our small knit team of online marketers, web professionals and experienced communicators will pull in one direction, that being to clean your search results and let you move on with your life.